Virtual PBX

inexPHONE offers a competitive Telephone Service with all the features you might need to connect your employees & departments, together as well as to your customers.

We make work a lot easier and efficient for our wide client’s base representing all sectors and industries, from Financial Institutions to Startups.

By choosing inexPHONE you will get:

  • The latest Office Phones Base Station & System
  • Affordable Local & International Calls,
  • Exact Per Second Increment Timing & transparent tariffs according to your plan
  • Our 24/7 Free Technical Support

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In Addition to our Standard Plan, Regular International callers will benefit from:

  • A number appearing to be from the country of your wish, integrated in your phone system, that will allow you to call or get calls at local rates! You and your callers will love it

Talk to your partners and the world fast and seamlessly thanks to inexPHONE

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Take Full Advantages Of Our Features

Record all incoming and outgoing conversations. You can listen to them online or download them. See the caller, who received the call & call duration.

Subscribers can view call history in detail at any time, keep track of incoming, outgoing and missed calls

The interactive voice menu will automatically handle incoming calls and help you manage customer communications.

The menu includes audio recordings and scripts to quickly adress the customer’s need, or redirect to the appropriate department.

An interactive menu is more than just a call forwarding system. It helps you streamline the internal structure of your company to reduce costs and improve service quality.

This feature reduces the number of unanswered calls. If all operators are busy, the system informs the customer on their position in the queue and the expected waiting time.

It is possible to limit the maximum waiting time or number of waiting customers.

Each employee involved in a telephone system is assigned a 3 or 4 digit number to simplify internal communications. This system can integrate geographically distant branches and offices to significantly decrease phone bills and allow you to work on the principle of ‘one single office’.

Call Routing enables you to manage the flow of incoming calls according to your business needs and activity. Forward calls automatically to the relevant operator with selective or pre-written algorithms.

This feature allows you to divert any incoming calls to a mobile phone or overseas. Call forwarding can be predefined: the call can be directly diverted, or after being unanswered.

While on standby, custom or standard songs can be played to the waiting caller.