SMART Technology – Installation, Maintenance & Support

SMART Technology is the integration of high tech equipment in the workplace to increase Security, Comfort, Productivity and Efficiency, as well as allow management to remotely monitor the workplace.
  • SMART Lighting

According to Gartner, SMART lighting can save up to 90% on your electricity bills. With LED Lighting & SMART Sensors, your lights with turn on and off when needed and regulate intensity according to the daylight available within spaces.
  • Intelligent Climate Control

Comfort and temperature in the workplace is proven to influence employee’s productivity. Install Air Conditioning modules to reduce your carbon footprint, save money on energy bills & always feel good at your office.
  • Security

    • Increase the protection of your teams and save on security staff with SMART Door Locks, Fingerprint System, Audio/Video Intercoms, Face Recognition Cameras & Motion Sensors
    • Always know what is going on at the office and remotely control the workplace from a smartphone with a Remote Control & Surveillance App, and the installation of High definition Surveillance Cameras
    • Always be safe and compliant with Safety Laws with Gas, Smoke Detectors & Emergency Planning.
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  • With inexPhone & SMART Technologies, invest in your office as a whole: both in the workplace and in the people who give it purpose.