Marketing & Social Media services

Our team cares, imagines, creates.

Let us explore new horizons together and make your aspirations reality

    • Our offers include:

      • Constant Management
      • Monthly detailed reports on your ads & analytics on your existing or target customers and competitors to further drive your strategy
      • Design and content creation
      • Dedicated teams for every budget
    • Social Media Management

Let our Marketing wizzes work with our Design team to build your brand, define your market or influence your audience to get you visibility & sales

      • Create, Manage or modify your profile on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and all Social Media platforms

        • Build your brand. Generate attractive & original content

        • Get feedback on your audience

      • Create & Manage your page, get seen with strategic ads placement, on Travel or Marketplace platforms such as Booking, TripAdvisor, Airbnb…

    • Advertisement

We’ve got you covered on the websites your customers use

      • Social Media

        and Marketplace Platforms

      • Google paid search engine with Google Ads

      • YouTube

        and other Video Platforms

    • Email Marketing

Reach out to tens of thousands of prospects at a time or to your customers

      • eNews, push notifications…

      • Direct emails

      • Email alerts

      • Get detailed statistics on your target’s behavior

    • SMS Marketing

Talk to your customers with carefully crafted messages through our platform, directly to their phone

    • Event Planning

Don’t let yourself get taken over by the frenzy. Meet with our event planner. Get us your prospects or invitation lists. And that’s all, sit back and enjoy your Champagne.

    • Design

      • Create, change or evolve to a unique visual identity for your company or product
      • Design graphic content for your brand building and different marketing efforts
      • Send or advertise visually sophisticated material thanks to our advertisement department
    • Print

      Designs coherent with your visual identity and objectives:

      • Business cards, Flyers, Leaflets, Banners

      • All your promotional material


With inexPhone and our creative teams, outline your market canvas and paint your digital identity